Thursday, February 12, 2015

Examples of DOF (Depth of Field)

The first photo is an example of deep dof  because of how despite the distance of the bridge, you still receive a clear, crisp view of the possible end it gives. I liked this example because of the symbolism of the never-ending bridge and the relation to how our lives and the possibilities beyond don't end.

This second deep dof is one I like simply because of the fact you can see the city in nearly its entirety without losing the prospect of it being a city. I love the lights and colors and how it reflects the idea.

This is an example of shallow dof, hence why you only see one lantern clearly than the others. To me it gives a sense of definition and hindsight to what the lantern could represent - maybe a holiday?

This is another example of shallow dof, the cute kitten being the center of attention as in the background's business is clouded out, leaving the cute furry creature the main eye-candy.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Assignment 1 - Main Post

I enjoyed the simply black and white setting it was in, as it didn't scream at me to be changed. I loved how the tree didn't swallow the entire scene, the shadows and highlights creating nice midtones.

I loved the dark sepia tone here, making it a dark day despite the sunshine. I wanted to play with the darkness and highlights to make it a dreary day.

I wanted to take a play from the previous in terms of playing with the darkness and highlights to make a dreary day from bad to worse. Instead of sepia, I kept the black and white and simply darkened the contrast.

Using cool tones, I brightened the photo to give the appearance it was a super sunny day despite the cool vibe.

I wanted to do another sepia because it makes me think to old pictures my grandma keeps. With this, however, I fiddled with the contrast some more to make it a cloudy, foggy-like day.

Assignment 1 - Practice Post

I chose this image because of how well the tree made its presence known against the other trees and the background, given how it is still full of life rather than being starkly dead. In symbolizing life, it shows that there is life in and on this campus despite the cold.