Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 Point Lighting

I loved this picture I had taken as an example in class because I had the key light underneath him to give him a dramatic look, while the fill and back lights on his sides to highlight his cheeks and hair. Overall this was a great shot I took and it made him stand out nicely.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Motion and Depth of Field

DOF 1- The focus I chose was the fluffy part of the earmuff, where the sun shone on it to bring further attention to the piece. I rather liked it because it seemed as if the universe itself agreed on that being the main point of the photo.

DOF 2 - With the same object, I chose to focus on the headpiece, the patterns it held as well as the fine detail one could get. The lighting was a major help in this as it set to pop out the fine lines and points of the material against the wood.

DOF 3 - I had limited lighting and avaliability with this target, but all the same I did enjoy how when I edited the brightness and contrast it gave it the appearance of a better lighting, which was sorely needed.

DOF 4 - I had attempted to put focus on the stone, but instead it focused on the statuette behind it. It still brings the stone to attention, which surprised me when I put forth more effort in nitpicking the details.

Motion 1 - My grandmother was the only thing in motion I could use, and she did her best to help. I noticed when I uploaded this how despite everything being a blue, she stands out from the brown wood behind her.

Motion 2 - As she continued to move, I was able to make her a bit less blurry compared to the rest of the scene, but it was rather hard nonetheless. Again, she to me remained a central focus compared to the brown backdrop.

Motion 3 - Moving further into the room, the brown becomes dominant as the white in her shirt brightened in comparison. I attempted to darken it whilst keeping her bright.

Motion 4 - In this I went for a cool tone in order to draw from the little brightness there was in the room. She was more in focus in this one, but it also focused on everything else, making it a 'whole' effect.